Health, Safety, and Quality

Statement of Intent

1. Statement of Intent

CTEK, Combined Technologies Ltd has an ongoing commitment and vision to be a leader in the provision of industrial control, automation systems, specialist training, IT Traceability and consulting services for a diverse range of industries.
In the delivery of these quality products and services, CTEK will manage work health and safety, minimise adverse impacts on the environment and achieve customer satisfaction whilst maintaining sustainable business operations. This vision is underpinned by the relentless pursuit of innovation, benchmarked against the best in the industry and by maintaining a clear company-wide focus on excellence.

2. Policy Objectives

  • Comply with applicable local and national laws, regulations, codes of practice and maintain Health, Safety, and Quality (as certified), H&SQ, management systems;
  • Ensure all managers, supervisors, employees, contractors and other workers receive the appropriate, support information, instruction, training and supervision required to develop the skills to safely carry out their duties and H&SQ responsibilities;
  • Identify and assess all hazards to Health and Safety, and where they cannot be eliminated are effectively controlled, and efficiently respond to client quality concerns in an effective manner;
  • Develop H&SQ objectives and targets through the CTEK strategic planning process, provide financial and personnel resources to support improvement initiatives, measure and analyse effectiveness, and review progress to continuously improve our operations;
  • Ensure workers, clients and suppliers are consulted and encouraged to contribute to the decision making process on H&SQ matters; and
  • Maintain a fair and creative work environment that respects and rewards new ideas, innovation and hard work.
  • Maintain an Information Security and Quality Management System that is compliant with ISO27001 and ISO9001 ensuring delivery of quality services and products including the security of CTEK and CTEK Client Information.

3. Strategies

CTEK will adopt a proactive approach to H&SQ management by:

  • Demonstrating clear management commitment, involvement and exercising due diligence;
  • Maintaining unimpeded access to systems, consultative mechanisms and reporting H&SQ issues;
  • Promoting a positive culture that H&SQ responsibilities are shared; and
  • Appointing a member of management who when necessary, has unrestricted access to resolve H&SQ issues.

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