Key Sectors & Activities


Our dairy processing solutions range from manufacturing automation solutions to ERP consulting, supply chain optimization, operations engineering consulting and complete site support services. We can integrate any platforms into your facilities, regardless, all with the goal of driving improving efficiency and profitability across your entire organization. We understand the changing dynamics in the dairy industry with tighter regulations and changing global market place. We therefore help dairy processing plants to develop a sustainable approach to innovation in order to succeed in this environment. CTEK understands these needs and can help you optimize your dairy processing lines and achieve operational excellence.

Food & Beverage

CTEK help manufacturers to improve operational efficiencies of beverage manufacturing, utilizing improved technologies and best practise approach. We work closely with plant engineers to generate efficiency improvements in areas such as packaging by reducing equipment outages and material waste and improving system throughput. We conduct analysis of raw operational data gathered during standard production shifts converted to relational information that generates knowledge required for modification recommendations. We will then develop an implementation plan based on an immediate opportunities list, functional systems improvements, raw materials and manufacturing procedures / practices.


Technological advances and global demand are forcing manufacturing industries in NZ to innovate faster, to meet evolving environmental regulations and to streamline operations for a greater competitive advantage. Global and local market forces steer these businesses to take a more proactive approach. CTEK help these manufacturing industries to meet these challenges. We work closely to implement solutions that will improve automation and process control, information leveraging, environmental control and reliability of systems. Our experience allows us to provide a complete, enterprise-wide perspective — making improvements from the boiler room to the boardroom in order to optimize performance at every level.

Water & Energy

In recent years there has been more focus on our water and waste water treatment facilities on their sustainability and their impact on environment, where reliable control systems are vital to their success. Nowadays progressive councils and local bodies are taking a futuristic approach in building a better future for our resources. CTEK works closely with customers to design the wastewater treatment systems to help operate the plant efficiently, maintaining water quality and comply with existing regulations. Our automation solutions provide our customers with a comprehensive view of the plant by integrating data from all plant areas and systems, including remote SCADA systems. We design control system’s architecture to seamlessly consolidate and rationalize plant data and enhance operator response to changing conditions, improving both safety and operational efficiency.

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