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What We Do

  • Optimisation

    We improve plant operations by using management software (MES) to capture, analyse and report on real time data(dBase)

  • Automation

    We specialise in planning, design & development, and installation of robust Process Control Systems tailored for specific environments

  • Integration

    We develop interfaces with ERP and Logistics software, and integrate newly acquired or built operations into the broader ERP data system

  • Software Development

    We help designing PLC, SCADA, HMI and other systems using latest trends, development of standards and guidelines in the industry

  • Audits

    Our hazardous area qualified EWRB (Electrical Workers Registration Board) electrical inspector can assist with Risk Assessments and Classifications

  • Engineering & Design

    We engineer greenfield or brownfield projects, maintenance or outage assistance, on a large or small scale, across all major industries and platforms

  • Service & 24×7 Support

    We provide site based support and 24×7 access to a pool of knowledge & experience, this enables our customers to access experts when needed

  • Training

    Our ongoing training support advances the technical skills of plant operators for program and commissioning a working automation system

We provide the best solutions using our ability to understand customer requirements, with various stakeholder engagement processes. We also help customers to capture, measure and analyse real time data, utilising the latest automation control and IT solutions.

  • By designing the most suitable PLC/SCADA and real time data analysis solutions, we help our customers to manage their assets efficiently.
  • We understand that every operation is unique, so we approach each customer’s business goals, compliance and regulatory needs individually, and then explore ways to measure and control more efficiently.
  • Every project benefits from our deep experience in a variety of industries and technologies. Our proven project management and execution methodology guides our process to ensure that we implement solutions in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner, meeting or exceeding your project goals.
  • With our customised platforms and technologies, we have the capability to transform disparate data into metrics that matter, so customers can make decisions that lead to greater efficiency, improved production yields and extended asset lifecycles.

Our Main Service Offerings


We audit and assess existing control and IT systems. Install customised MES plant reporting and analysis. Recommend improvement opportunities.


We design and build; pre-test through proven FAT/SAT methodologies; install, commission and transition across into normal business operations.

Ongoing 24×7 Support

We provide skilled automation controls specialist support through our 24/7 service arm.

  • Operate both batch and process assets efficiently, safely and intelligently with PLC/SCADA and MES enabled real time data analysis solutions and reporting (dashboard).
  • Post acquisition integration into broader supply chain (data/controls): enabling transition to a One Company operational approach to deliver both the synergies and the company integration for seamless reporting, operations, and efficiency outcomes.
  • FDA track and trace compliance through S88 plant models and solutions.
  • Automation control maintenance service support to maximise shifts and minimise maintenance down time (capital efficiency & ROI). Rapidly solve complex problems.
  • Operate assets safely – tank level; pressure or temperature monitoring; alarms or alerts; automated processes replacing manual activities.
  • Through real time operational data capture and analysis of both lead and lag indicators, companies can fine tune their operational and investment strategies – providing superior evidence/justification to parent companies/boards, and ongoing efficiency levers.
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